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 on: Today at 08:32:18 PM 
Started by Sufri - Last post by Sufri

I want to improve my skill and knowledge, get good experiences about exploration and production,Drilling Prosses, surface production facility and processing plant including Sulfure recovery unit (SRU),Back pressure Valve,Surface welltesting Separator and Multi Phase Meter ESMER,H2S Safety Engineer,Laboratory technician.I hope that I can develop my career and find the greatest challenge.To pursue a career in Oilfield Engineering, utilizing my strength in analytical, communication and leadership.


SR.High School SMU NEGERI 01 South sumatra 1996 - 1999
Major: Technik Science
Outstanding Records

KLK, East Java
Major: Technik Automotif
Outstanding Records

International Petroleum College (ITTEK) June 2005
Major: Technik Production petroleum
Still Study


GULF AND CONOCO PHILIPS Services Training Centre.
Technical Training:
Production Level I Tuban, May 2002
1. Introduction to petroleum & basic reservoir
2. Basic units of Measurement (Temperature, pressure, volume & density)
3. Surface production facilities
4. Safety Devices
5. Centrifugal / positive displacement pumps
6. Well testing
7. API gravity and BS & W testing procedure
8. Flow Meter / Flow analyzer
9. Introduction to emergency response plan & basic H2S

Production Task Competency certification level I September 2003
Production Level II May 2003
1. Basic Reservoir
2. Production well
3. Flow line & Manifold
4. Liquid Gas separator / degassing boot / gas scrubber
5. Emulsion heater theater
6. Type of sampling & procedures
7.API Gravity, BS & W and pour point
8. Orifice Meter operation & principles
9. Temperature & pressure rating
10. Symbols, P & ID'S flow Diagrams
11. Pump operation
12. Process measuring devices
13. ESD & panel system
14. Pneumatic controllers
15. Chemical Handling / lubrication
16. Well testing / gas measurement
17. Flare system
18. Pipeline pigging
19. Instrument air compressor
20. Production tanks
21. Hydro test, plant purging
22. Flow Meter operations
Production Task Competency certification level II January 2004

Schlumberger REDA pump services
Technical Training:
. Electric submersible pump and variable speed drive April 2004

Petroleum Software Limited
Technical Training:
. Multi phase flow meter ESMER July 2004

FMC Surface Systems
Technical Training:
. Back pressure Valve (BPV) agustus 2005

US Filter
Technical Training:
. Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) agustus 2002

SGS Australia Pty Ltd
Technical Training:
. QHSE Passport June 2007

SGS Australia Pty Ltd
Technical Training:
. WellSite Work permit June 2007

PT.Pandu Selamat Utama
Technical Training:
. Air Quality Standart System July 2007

PT.Pandu Selamat Utama
Technical Training:
. H2S Traning and specialy gas toxic July 2007

PT.Pandu Selamat Utama
Technical Training:
. calibration and maintenance sensor H2S Agust 2007

Safety Training:
CPR & First Aid Training by Petrochina East Java May 2003
Fire Fighting By Pusdiklat Migas Cepu April 2005

Computer Skill
. Proficient in Microsoft Office Operations.

Working Area:
February 2007 - Present joined with SGS upstream Service Australia worked as Well Test Operator/Nightshift Supervisor(well testing with separator vassel ) Well tests are normally flaring post completion tests also involving sampling and conditioning the wells,Vehicles,workshop,choke Manifolds,satelite comunication systems,data acquisition systems.Project Santos Ltd Adelaide,PNG Oil Search,Etc
June 2007 September 2007 joined with PT.Pandu Selamat Utama consultance worked as H2S Safety Engineer consultance. Provide H2s safety services,created H2s contingency plan,maintenance all H2S safety equipment so they are working safely and froperly and Instructor for H2S safety training.project Chevron Geothermal Indonesia in Well Drajat 13 14.
Joined with JOB PERTAMINA PETROCHINA SUKOWATI BLOCK, worked as WellPad Senior Operator (well testing with Multiphase flow Meter ESMER)
Monitoring flowing,Natural Lifting well and Artificial lifting by ESP, performance include VSD operating and troubleshooting, acoustic Fluid Level Survey, amperage chart of ESP, well testing calculation and reporting, Chemical injection, support RIG service operation and RIG Drilling for install Back pressure Valve (BPV), Pigging job, shoot fluid level, utility air for instrumentation, enginge and power generator operation, handling settling tank, KO drum, gas boot, gauging tank, flaring, analized B,S & W and API gravity.
Agustus 2004
Laboratory technician on FSO Cilacap and Niria (Check H2S contents,oil ppm,water cut.etc)
PT Natura Bina Mitra sub contract of Petrochina, East Java, Indonesia.
November 2004
Senior Production Operator on Well testing (Artificial lift, natural flow, high pressure and temperatures & H2S contents),install Back Pressure Valve(BPV) at wellhead for program well camplation.
PT Natura Bina Mitra sub contract of Petrochina, East Java, Indonesia
September 2002 to October 2003,
General Operator on Production Separators,FWKO(Free Water Knock Out)
PT Dara Transindo Eltra sub contract of Petrochina, East Java,Indonesia
April 2002 to Augustus 2002,
Production Operator on Production Separators.
PT Wira Matra Guna sub contract of Devon Energy Co., East Java, Indonesia.

Agustus 2000 to March 2001,
Jr.Production Operator on Production Separators.
Gulp Energy Ramba Co., sauth sumatra, Indonesia.

Professional Experience

Gulp Ramba co,Devon Energy, PetroChina International ltd and SGS Upstream Services Australia: One of the biggest international oil and gas Company.
Well Test Operator / Night Shift Supervisor
Provides technical and operational expertise to external customer in a professional manner.
Experience in various well testing operations, including high temperature, high pressure wells.
Perform Field Supervisor task, includes generating Reports to Testing supervising.
Excellent knowledge in separator test - Down hole Tools, Surface well Equipment, and Super Safety Valves Maintenance.
Responsible Operating, monitoring, controlling at Central Processing Area, consist of Separation process, Oil, condensate and Water handling (Oil/Condensate movement and Water Injection), Pigging job, Gas handling for crude sweetening, Gas Compressor for supplying gas to turbine and Vapor Recovery Unit, Utility Air and Waterinclude Reverse Osmosis Unit for process water, Gas cooling system, Waste water treatment, Oil and Water sampling (API gravity, BS&W and Chloride content), Sweetening Gas plant LO-CAT II H2S removal plant US Filter Technology, Filtering Process and sulfur handling, optimize chemical usage, CEB the new combustion technology, Fire and Gas Detector System by Eagle Quantum, PLC by Allen Bradly, DCS by Freelance2000 and report data include produced Oil, Water and Gas Calculation.
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 on: Today at 01:04:00 AM 
Started by Sridhar - Last post by DavidPDavidson
Contact Weatherford SOS for whom to directly talk to there. Besides companies like Kerite  ( ) there is one cable mfg who is not mentioned in above posts and it  is Shandong Wanda ESP Cable in Shandong Province, China. You can contact Mr Li Ping at               86 -0546 -206 2176       
Expect to see Western investment and technology transfer with them soon, - Canadian funding? As you can see on the above link, they are on the low technology end as shown n their marketing materials. But I know as fact there is change coming soon there. No doubt, Foundation changing on the esp cable manufacturing landscape. Rather sad as there was once only one dedicated manufacturer in the States in Claremore OK. While they still have dominant position, there will be pressures as these Western JV's materialize. It'll take time. For example, cable mfg was one of the goals that the ex Centrilift management that went to Wood Group targeted.

My contact information below if there's anything else. By the way, I'm more than glad to help others but I've received a couple of calls in the wee hours from others and ask that any calls be made during my early evening hours which is Central Time USA + 9 hours. So 9 am Houston time is 6pm my time. Really best way is email or posting here but phone OK if real important to you. thanks.
DavidPDavidson  cell          (966) 5 32650116                   or

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 on: June 26, 2008, 04:13:37 AM 
Started by Sridhar - Last post by gaddy
Hi David,

Appreciate the info. thanks very much - checked their website and they do not appear to list this type of cable, but will send an enquiry with your regards as requested - do you know the Volga Factory in former Yugoslavia - I can't find them either ?

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 on: June 26, 2008, 04:12:08 AM 
Started by Faisal - Last post by DavidPDavidson
My opinion and experience is that very few esp salesmen can articulate this, plus their knowledge base is usually biased from marketing of what they have to offer. That's to be expected in any industry. However, there can be some heated debates on this one. Email me and let me know more particulars and I'll be happy to help how I can and steer you to the right people in the industry to talk to and also good technical literature.


DavidPDavidson   email:   (966) 5 32650116
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 on: June 26, 2008, 04:08:20 AM 
Started by ESP Admin - Last post by DavidPDavidson
Any of the esp vendors should have examples of the traditional amp chart characteristics for various well conditions while running a pump, - normal, pumpoff, trash, gassy wells etc.
Ask them if you can post on this website if they don't mind. I don't believe Centrilift will want to share however from Nelson Ney message posted on this board. Go to Reda, Weatherford or Wood Group ESPI. Piece of cake for them to provide this to you, hope this helps.

DavidPDavidson   email:   (966) 5 32650116
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 on: June 26, 2008, 04:00:48 AM 
Started by Kingsley Idomeh - Last post by DavidPDavidson
As far as the traditional wireline electrical gauges, you can contact Bob Laird, with GRC in Tulsa. They make a great gauge and quite reliable. Many of the GRC mechanical gauges ( clocks inside the gauge for measuring data)  from years back are still being run and recalibrated every so often - in other words low cost and reliable. He can also recommend some manufacturers if you want it to be on your ESP string.  Most of the esp vendors are just coming around and trying to get it right, no matter what they claim about their experience blah blah. If the esp companies boast, ask them how many 9's are in their reliability - ie 90%, 99 %, 99.9 percent, 99.99% percent,   or is it under 90% percent .... Sad

ESP salesmen with experience know exactly what I am talking about ! Anyway, things take time sometimes to get it right. Hopefully not too much time though.

DavidPDavidson   email:   (966) 5 32650116
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 on: June 26, 2008, 03:54:00 AM 
Started by Kingsley Idomeh - Last post by DavidPDavidson
This should be available from the esp vendors, but I doubt you will see more than a catalog cut and a claim for thousands of different configurations so difficult for complete applications guide. However, that does not explain why there is not an application guide for the 50 or so most common applications.  You can ask Reda, Centrilift , Wood Group ESPI and Weatherford and I am sure they would be happy to help.

DavidPDavidson   email:   (966) 5 32650116
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 on: June 26, 2008, 03:42:21 AM 
Started by Sridhar - Last post by DavidPDavidson
does anybody know the name or contact details of the cable factory mentioned in Khakov?

You're referring to Yuzhcable. You can talk to Alexei Pessotskiy at (38) (057) 751 87 52 , or 751 87 53. His mobile cell # is (38) (096) 375 27 83 . Tell him I said hello.

Yes, you are correct. They are right in the center of Kharkov, Ukraine. Yuzhcable manufactures all types of cable and power cable. It's an older plant and  was founded during WW2. There are about 900 employees many of whom are engineers who are coming up to speed quite quickly with round and flat cable design, MLE's etc. Looks like some reverse engineering, which by the way I am confident all the players including the USA companies do, so they should not get too upset about non patented and expired patented items being manufactured  elsewhere.

Let me know if this is on target.
DavidPDavidson  cell (966) 5 32650116     or
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 on: June 25, 2008, 06:22:02 AM 
Started by Sridhar - Last post by gaddy
does anybody know the name or contact details of the cable factory mentioned in Khakov?
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 on: June 24, 2008, 03:38:29 AM 
Started by Kingsley Idomeh - Last post by Kingsley Idomeh

Where can we obtain a comprehensive esp cable selection guide for comparing purposes with and between manufacturers?


Kingsley Idomen, Engineer
Port Harcourt, Nigeria
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